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L’Aperitiu Occitan se passa cada dimars o dimercres
The Occitan Cocktail takes place every Tuesday or Wednesday
venètz apr'aicí
come over here
aprèp d’un arest forçat
during a forced shutdown
Aprèp quatre annadas d’existéncia
after four years of existence
Après lo silenci
after the silence
Una autra etimologia prepausa d'aprochar l'italian...
Another etymology requires an approach of Italian...
A uns amics dins aquela vila.
He has some friends in that city.
Volètz remplaçar lo fichièr existent per aqueste ?
Do you want to replace the existing file with this one?
Aqueste còp es pas per rire !
This time it’s not a joke!
de demorar aquí duas setmanas
to stay here for weeks
me dis que cal anar sopar à la glèisa, aquí d'ont veni
he told me that I have to go get dinner to the church, from where I come
Aquò es vòstra adreça electronica.
This is your email.
es ara un gratacèl mai naut del mond.
is now the highest skycraper in the world
Ara ai lo plaser de dire publicament que
now I have the pleasure to say publicly that...
bon astre
(bonne) chance
Vos cal partir ara o jamai qu'après serà tròp tard.
You have to go now or never. After, it will be too late.
Ara rai, tot anarà plan
Thankfully now, everyting will be all right.
un restaurant qui m’avèva sedusit arser
a restaurant that seduced me yesterday night