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a crack, tear, or break in something, such as a pipe or a body part; a break in good relations between people or countries
very sudden and not expected; talking to other people in a very brief and unfriendly way; rudely brief.
to cause someone or something to become dishonest or immoral; to change a book, computer file, etc. from the correct or original form
an action or movement of the body that happens automatically as a reaction to something; something that you do without thinking as a reaction to something
to cause something that is moving to change direction; to redirect unwanted attention to someone or something else
causing light, sound, or heat to move away; reflecting light, sound, or heat; thinking carefully about something
the result of breaking something; a crack or break
a broken part or piece of something; an incomplete part
a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the group
an act that breaks a rule or law