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chop/cut down
cut through it so that it falls to the ground
weigh down
carry too much
load down
carry too many things
take down
write som., especially som. that someone says
write down
write som. on a piece of paper that you do not forget it
keep down
stop the number, level or size of som. from increasing
cut down
eat or drink less of a particular thing. usually in order to improve your health
shut down
closed and stopped working
close down
stopped doing business
read over
read som. from the beginning to the end in order to find any mistakes or to understand it better
look over
quickly examine som.
go over
talk or think about som. in order to explain it or make sure that is correct
hand over
give som. to someone else
stay over
spending the night somewhere rather than going home
get over
recover from an illness or disappointment
fell over
fell to the ground
wear down
make som. or someone weaker
note down
write som. short like a phone number for future reference
blew down
when the wind forces som. to fall
crack down on
using more authority than usual
hold down
keep a job
put over
successfully execute
move over
move aside to create space
check over
check som. very carefully
knock over
boil over
spill over while boiling