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wait about/around
stay in one place without doing anything as you wait for som. to happen
laze about/around
relax and enjoy yourself by doing very little
sit about/around
spend time sitting down and doing very little
hang about/around
spend time somwhere without doing very much
mess about/around
spend time playing or doing things with no particular purpose
mess about/around
behave stupidily, waste time doing unimportant things
lie about/around
spend time lying down doing very little
milling about/around/round
walking around a particular place of area, usually while waiting for som.
standing about/around/round
spending time standing in a place waiting for someone or doing very little
stick around
informal: stay somewhere for a period of time
take around/round
visit a place with someone showing them the most interesting parts
show around/round
gone with someone to a place that they have not visited before showing the most interesting parts
express the idea of acting in a relaxed way, or without a particular purpose or without concentrating. Informal