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for and with
must go before the object of the verb
go for
try to get or achieve it
root for
informal: showing support for you in a competition, or hoping that you'll succeed
couldn't ask for
no poder demanar més
live for
that som. or someone is the most important thing in her life
sent for
send someone a message asking them to come to see you
call for
visiiting her place in order to collect her
stands for
is the first letter of a word or name and is used to represent it
be dying for
informal: be wanting som. very much, especially food or drink
could do with
informal: need or want som. or someone (anar millor, anar bé)
deal with
if som. deals with a particular subject or idea, it is about that subject or idea
stick with it
informal: continue doing som. even though it is difficult
go with
if one thins goes with another, they suit each other or they look or taste good together
put up with
accept unpleasant behaviour or an unpleasant situation, even though you don't like it
catch up with
meet someone you know, after not seeing them for a period of time