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Through and back

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gives an idea of going from one side of som. to the other, or from beginning to the end
sleep through
the noise or activity doesn't wake them
live through
experience a difficult situation or event
flick/flip through
to look briefly at the pages of som.
look through
to read som. quickly and not very carefully
go through
to carefully read or discuss every part of som. in order to make sure that is correct
take sb through sth
to explain som. to someone, or to show someone how to do som.
see through sb/sth
realise that sb is trying to deceive you
usually conveys the idea of returning
send back
return sth to the company you bought it from because it is unsuitable or damaged
call back
reply to a phone message
answer back
reply rudely to sb they should be polite to
e-mail back
reply to an e-mail
go back
informal: they have been friends for that many years ir since that time
bite back
do sth bad to sb because they did sth bad to you
bite back
stop yourself from saying sth that shows your feelings