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into and Away

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run into
meet sb you know when you do not expect them to meet
look into
investigate and examine the facts about a problem or situation
burst into
suddenly start to make a noise, specially to start crying, laughing or singing
read into
believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning, often when it's not true
go into
describe and discuss sth in a detailed way
throw myself into
start doing sth with a lot of enthusiasm and energy
enter into
start to become involved in sth, especially a discussion
tidy away
put things in cupboards and drawers, etc. after you have been using them
pack away
put sth into a bag or container, or put sth in the place where it is usually kept
tear sb away
force sb to stop doing sth they enjoy in order to do sth else
stay away from
avoid sth that has a bad effect on you
send away for sth
write to an organisation to ask them to send you sth
lock yourself away
go to a room or building where you can be alone, usually so that you can work
run away
secretly leave a place because you are unhappy there