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Time: spending time

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clock on
to record the time you arrive at work, usually on a machine with a clock
clock off
record the time you leave work
take time off
spend time away from work
bring it forward
change the date or time of sth so that it happens earlier than expected
be pressed for
not have enough of sth, usually time or money
fit in
find time to do sth or see sb
press on
continue doing sth in a determined way
run out
come to an end (expire)
hang out
spend a lot of time
knock around together
spend a lot of time with one another because they are good friends (informal)
whiling away
spending time in a relaxed way either because they are waiting for sth or have nothing special to do
muck about
waste time doing silly things (informal)
latch on to them
spend time with them, especially when they did not wan her with them