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Cause and effect

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set the bomb off
cause an explosion
set off the burglar alarm
make the alarm ring
set off a series of events
cause a series of events or a lot of activity, often without intending to do so
set him off
make him start to talk about sth he often talks about
set her off
make her start to laugh or cry
spark off
cause sth to suddenly happen or exist
trigger off
make sth suddenly begin, often a difficult or violent situation
bring about
make sth happen
lies behind
is the real reason for
pay back
do sth unpleasant to me because i have done sth unpleasant to him
stir up
cause arguments or bad feelings between people, usually on purpose
bring back
make me remember or thing about sth from the past
rule out
decide that sth is impossible
spring from
be caused by