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Success and failure

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bring off sth
to succeed in doing sth difficult
take off
to suddenly become successful or popular
take over
become more successful or powerful than sth or sb else that is involved in the same type of activity
come off
to happen successfully or as planned
catch on
to become popular
pull off sth
to succeed in doing or achieving sth difficult
the sudden failure of a person or organisation, or sth that causes this
fall through
fail to happen
build on
use a success or achievement as a base from which to achieve more success
walk into
get very easily
muddle through
succeed in doing sth even though you have difficulties because you do not really know how to do it
catch up
reach the same quality or standard as sb
pay off
be successful
keep up
make progress at the same speed as sth or sb else so that you stay at the same level as them
stay ahead
continue to be more advanced and successful than other people