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Actions and movement

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mean towards the ground, towards a lower level, or less intense
fell down
fell to the ground
reach down
get sth that is above your head by reaching with your hand
slow down
drive slower
towards a higher level, in a complete way, or to a greater degree
wrap up
cover in paper, especially in order to give as a present
tie up
put string or rope around sth so that is fastened together
blow up
fill with ir
pick up
lift using your hands
tore up
tear into a lot of small pieces
move up
move slightly so that there is enough space for sth else
slow up
make sb or sth slower
move over
change the place where your are sitting or standing so that there is space for sb else to sit or stand
pop out
informal: leave the place where sb is to go somewhere else for a short time
reach out
stretch the arm in front of the body, usually in order to get or touch sth
help on/off
help to put on/ take off a piece of clothing