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Destroying and reacting to destruction

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fall apart
break into pieces because of being too old or too weak
pull down sth
destroy a building or other structure because it is not wanted any more
screw up sth
twist or crush paper or material with your hands
tear apart
pull sth violently so that it breaks into two or more pieces
tear down
violently destroy a building or other structure because it is not wanted
knock over sth/sb
hit or push sb or sth, usually accidentally, so that they fall to the ground or onto their side
put out sth
make sth that is burning, stop burning
root out sth/sb
find and get rid of the thing or person that is causing a problem
stamp out sth
get rid of sth that is considered wrong or harmful
fight back
defend themselves when sth or sb attacks them
bending over backwards
trying extremely hard, often to help or please sb
see through
help ro support sb during a difficult period in their life
turn on
criticise them very strongly or attack them
Noun: problem which caused time to be wasted
see to
do what neeeded to be done to solve the problem