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Describing public events

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be booked up
have no space or time available for someone
pour in
arrive or enter somewhere in very large numbers
packed out
very full
take off
copy the way a person or animal behaves, often in order to make people laugh
stand in
play their role for a short period of time
put on
tie in with
be planned so that both events happen at the same time
walk out
leave the performance before it had ended
send up
make sb or sth seem stupid by copying them in a funny way
Noun: the number of people who came to a watch or take part in an event or activity
call off
cancel sth, especially because it no longer seems possible or useful
cram into/in
go into a place even though it is too small and becomes very full
pass off
happen, especially in a good way
put off
postpone to a later date
put forward/back
arrange sth for an earlier/later tiime