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Describing situations

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get out of
avoid doing sth that you should do, often by giving an excuse
mix them up
confuse two people or things by thinking that one person or thing is the other
muddle them up
confuse two people or things in your mind
revolve around
think she's more important than anyone else
running up against
beginning to experience
crops up
suddenly appears, usually when you are not expecting it
bank on
depend on sth happenning
turning out
happening in a particular way or having a particular result
noun: mistake caused by confusion
rise above
not allow sth bad that is happening or ibs being done to you to upset you or affect your behaviour
back off
stop being involved in a situation, especially to let others deal with it themselves
caught up
involved in a situation, often when you don't want to be
hotted up
informal: became more exciting, with a lot more activity
be thrown together
forced to be together and get to know each other
calm down
become more paceful