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Giving and getting information

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come under sth
be included in or may be found in
draw on/upon sth
use information or your knowledge or experience of sth to help you do sth
point out sth
present a new fact, especially one that is important in the present discussion or situation
turn to sb/sth
begin to think, speak or write about a subject
latch on
understand sth
take in sth
to understand the meaning or importance of news or information, or to understand and remember facts
watch out for
to be careful to notice sb or sth interesting
find out
to get information about sth because you want to know more about it, or to learn a fact or piece of information for the first time
check up on sb
to discover what sb is doing in order to be certain that they are doing what they should be doing or what they said they would do
track sb/sth down
to find sb or sth after searching for them in many different places
give up
stop trying to think of the answer to a joke or question
slip out
didn't intend to say it
match up
be the same