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Decisions and plans

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sleep on sth
is sb sleeps on a decision or problem, they wait until the next day before they decide what to do about it
do without sth/sb
to manage without sth or sb
weigh up sth
to think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages involved in a situation before making a decision
run sth by sb
informal: ro repeat sth, or to tell sb about sth, so that they can give their opinion of it or hear it again
plan ahead
to make decisions or plans about sth you will do
think ahead
think carefully about what might happen in the future
think it over
think carefully about the idea before making a decision
think through
think carefully about the risks and consider the possible consequences
allow for sth
to consider or include sth when you are making plans or judging a situation
bargain for/on sth
to expect sth to happen and be prepared for it
opt out
to choose not to be part of an activity or arrangement, or to stop being involved with it
chicken out
informal: to decide not to do sth you had planned to do because you are too frightened
have sth on
to have an arrangement to do sth
be set against sth/doing sth
to be opposed to doing or having sth
I could do without
informal: sth you say when sth is annoying you or causing problems for you, because the situation at that time makes it difficult for you to deal with