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noun: public expression of anger and disapproval
stick together
support each other, especially in a difficult situation
speak out
publicly express an opinion, usually to oppose or criticise sth or sb
give in
finally agree to what sb wants after a period of refusing to agree
stay out of
not become involved in an argument or discussion
fell out
argued with each other and stopped being friends
put me down
make me feel stupid or unimportant by criticising me
get to me
make me feel upset or angry
stick up for
defend me when i am being criticised
hold this against
like or respect them less because they have done sth wrong or sth that she does not like
often used to refer to the position you take in an argument or decision
back up sb
to say that sb is telling the truth
back down
admit that you are wrong or have been defeated, often because you are forced to
back out
decide not to do sth that you were going to do or had agreed to do