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put sth across/over
explain or express sth clearly so that people understand it easily
put sth forward
state an idea or opinion, or suggest a plan, so that it can be considered or discussed
put sth to sb
suggest an idea or plan to sb so they can consider or discuss it
talk sb around/round
persuade sb to agree with you or to do what you want them to do
talk sb into sth/doing sth
persuade sb to do sth which they may be unwilling to do at first
talk sb out of sth/doing sth
persuade sb not to do sth
call for sth
to say that you think a particular thing should be done, usually in order to change or improve a situation
brush sb/sth aside
to refuse to listen to what sb says, or to refuse to think about sth seriously
bring sb around/round
to persuade sb to agree with you or to do what you want them to do
press sb for sth
to try to persuade sb, usually sb in authority, to give you sth or to allow sth to happen
rope in sb
informal: to persuade sb to help you with sth, especially when they do not want to
have sb on
to persuade sb that sth is true when it's not, usually as a joke
fall for sth
to be tricked into believing sth that is not true