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Praising and criticising

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adjective: extremely good, or of a very high standard
stand out
be much better than other people or things
noun: person who tries to impress in an annoying way
show off
try to make people admire his abilities or achievements in a way other people find annoying
adjective, informal: confused, unhappy about himself and his life
measure up
is good enough
screw everything up
informal: making a mistake with everything, or damaging or spoiling everything
playing at
when ask sb that, you are surprised or angry about their behaviour
lay into sb
criticise or attack sb in an angry way
pick on sb
choose one person from a group to criticise or treat unfairly, especially when they are smaller or weaker than you
rund down sb/sth
criticise that person or thing, often unfailry
hit back
criticise or attack sb who has criticised or attacked you
take out sth on sb
treat sb baldy because you're upset or angry, even though they have done nothing wrong
rub sth in
informal: talk to sb about sth which they want to forget because they feel bad about it