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fire away!
sth you say to tell sb you're ready for them to start asking you questions, or to start speaking
lighten up
sth you say to tell sb to stop being so serious or annoyed
hang on/hold on
sth you say when you are surprised or confused by sth and you need time to think
Steady on
sth you say to tell sb that you think what they are saying is too extreme
spit it out
sth you say to encourage sb to tell you sth which they do not want to tell you
come off it
sth you say to tell sb that you do not believe them or that you disagree with them
step on it
said to sb, especially sb who is driving when you want them to go faster
watch out/mind out/ look out!
said to tell sb to be careful so that they ca avoid danger or an accident
go on/hurry up!
said to encourage sb to do sth or to tell sb to do sth more quickly
hold on!
said to ask sb to wait a moment
keep it up!
said to encourage sb to continue to do sth, especially to continue to work hard or well
belt up!
said angrily to sb to tell them to be quiet