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Give/Hand in sth
to give a piece of written work or a document to sb for them to read, judge or deal with
give/hand out sth
to give sth to a large number of people
rub out sth
to remove writing from sth by rubbing it with a piece of rubber or with a cloth
work out
to do a calculation to gen an answer to a mathematical question
cross out sth
to draw a line through sth that you have written, usually because it is wrong
miss out sth
to fail to include sth or sb
fall behind
to fail to develop at the same rate as sth else, or to fail to achieve a standard reached by other people
catch up
to reach the same quality or standard as sb or sth else
play up
behave badly
mess up sth
to spoil or damage sth, or to do sth badly
spread out sth
to open sth that is folded and put it down flat on a surface