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Student life: courses and exams

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break up
in school and universities, classes end and holidays start
go back
the schools are open and the students start going to lessons again after the holidays
sign up
to register for courses
drop out
stop going to classes before they have finished their course
write up sth
to write sth on paper or on a computer in a complete or final form
throw sb out
to force sb to leave collge, school, house or organisation
keep up
continue to do sth
brush up on
practice and improve your skills or your knowledge of sth, usually sth you learned in the past but have partly forgotten
mug up
informal: quickly try to learn the main facts about a subject, especially before an exam
scrape through
aprovar raspat
swotting up
learning as much as you can about sth, especially before the exam. empollar
polish up
practising and improving your skills or your knowledge of sth
pick up
learn by absorbing it rather than studying it