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get ahead
be successful in your job
take on
accept a particular job or responsability
take sb on
begin to employ sb
fill sb in
give sb the information needed in order to do sth
stand down
leave an important job or official position so that sb else can do it instead
take over
start doing the job or being responsible for sth that sb else was doing or was responsible for
carry out
do or complete sth, especially sth important
step down
leave your job, especially so that sb else can do it
hand over
give sb else responsability or control
fix up
provide or arrange sth for sb
pencil it in for
arrange for sth to happen on a particular date, knowing the arrangement might be changed later
knock off
informal: stop working, usually at the end of a day
lay off
lose your job because there is no work for you to do
follow up
do sth in order to make the effect of an earlier action or thing stronger or more certain
pull together
work as a group in order to achieve sth
leave you to it
informal: go away from sb so that they do sth by themselves or so they can continue what they are doing