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Work: being busy

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be tied up
informal: to be busy so that you are unable to see or speak to anybody else or go anywhere
pile up
became more and more and more (used for unpleasant: work, bills or debts)
be snowed under
informal: to have so much work that you have problems dealing with
slave away
work very hard with little or no rest
catch up with
do sth you did not have time to do earlier
branch out
start to do sth different from what you usually do
work on
spend time working in order to produce sth
work towards
try hard to achieve
keep at
continue working hard at sth difficult or sth which takes a long time
stick at
continue to work hard at sth even though it is hard or takes a long time
chase up
ask people to do sth that they said they would do but have not done yet
move along
develop in a satisfactory way
squeeze in
manage to see sb or do sth when you are very busy and do not have much time available
wriggle out of
informal: avoid doing sth that other people think you should do, often in a dishonest way