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Money: buying and selling

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beat sb down
make sb reduce the price of sth
knock sth off
reduce the price by a certain sum
pick sth up
buy it at a cheap price
club together
put our money together as a grup
rip me off
cheat me by making me pay too much
noun: from the verb rip off
shop around
look at different shops and compare prices
snap sth up
slightly informal: buy it quickly because the price is good
fork out
informal: pay for sth, especially when you do not want to
stock up
buy large quantities of
skimp on
spend too little money on or use too little of
splash out
spend a lot of money on sth we don't really need
run up
cause ourselves to have to pay
selling off
selling to get rid of them
sell out
have no more of a particular product available to buy