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start up
create (a business or other organisation)
set up
start (a company or organisation)
hiring out
allowing people to use for a short time in exchange for money
run into
reach a particular level
noun: extra business in some way related to an earlier successful business
noun: business arangement
sold up
sold business (or house) in order to go n do sth else (or live somewhere else)
noun: discount shops
noun: amount of money or business made by a company in a period of time
take over
get control of a company by buying most of its shares
winding down
gradually reducing the amount of work being done until it closes completely
noun: cost or process of keeping a building or sth in good condition
pour sth into
provide a lot of money for sth over a long period
put it at
roughly calculate at a particular amount
going under
failing financially
run to
reach a particular amount, usually a large amount
noun: act of gaining control of a company