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Brighten up
suddenly look or feel happier
cheered us up
made us start to feel happier
being hung up
informal: become very worried about sth and spend a lot of time thinking about it
break down
be unable to control your feelings and start to cry
calm down
stop feeling angry, upset or excited
cool down
become calmer
bottle up
informal: not allow yourself to shot or talk about your feelings, especially feelings of angler and sadness
tear yourself apart
make yourself feel very unhappy
get carried away
become so excited about sth that you do not control what you say or do and you forget about everything else
jump at
eagerly accept a chance to do or have sth
warm to
become more enthusiastic about an idea
grow on
informal: you like sth more and more, although you did not like it at first
taking to
starting to like it
feel for
feel sorry for sb who is unhappy or in a difficult situation
feeling of embarrassment or fear about sth
pull herself together
become calm after being very upset or angry