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Relationships: problems

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split up
end a relationship or marriage
drift apart
gradually become less friendly and the relationship ends
finish with sb
informal: end a romantic relationship
break off
end a relationship
grow apart
gradually become less friendly, often because you do not have the same interests and opinions anymore
break off with sb
end a romantic relationship with sb
break up
their marriage or relationship ended
let sb down
dissapoint sb by failing to do what they agreed or what sb excpected them to do
make up
forgive each other and become friendly again
noun: the act or event of breaking up
missing out
not doing or getting sth you would enjoy or that would be good for you
run off with sb
secretly leave a place with sb in order to live with them or marry them, especially when other people think is wrong
live sth down
stop feeling embarrassed about sth you did by waiting util people forget about it
settle down
start living in a place where you intended to stay for a long time
settle for
accept sth, often sth that is not exactly what you want, or is not the best