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get away
go somewhere for a holiday, especially when you need a rest
set off/out
start his journey
start off
get on
stop off
visit for a short time when on the way somewhere else
check in
arrive at a hotel, say who you are and be given a key for your room
check out
leave a hotel after paying and giving back the key of your room
get in
(of a train, bus, plane..) arrive at a particular time
pull in
(of a train) arrive in a station
pull out
(of a train) leave a station
noun: cheap ticket for a flight which you buy just before the flight if seats are available
check in
show her ticket at the official desk (the check-in) so she can be given a boarding card
take off
begin to fly
touch down
land on the ground
stop over
stop somewhere for a period of time when you are on a long journey