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draw up
(vehicle, someone in a vehicle) they arrive somewhere and stop
drop sb/sth off
take sb to a place that they want to go, or deliver sth to a place, usually in a car, when you are going somewhere else
pull up
(car) stop, often for a short time
pull over
drive a car to the side of the road in order to stop
pick sb/sth up
to collect sb who is waiting for you, or to collect sth you have left somewhere or that you have bought
pull in/into somewhere
(car), moves to the side of the road or to another place where it can stop
pull out
drive out of the traffic lane it is in and enter a faster lane or the other side of the road
knock down
hit by a vehicle and injured or killed
run over
hit by a vehicle and driven over, injuring or killing him
noun: crash involving several vehicles
noun: long line of traffic that is moving very slowly