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put in
fix new equipment or a new system in the correct place
put on
make a device work by pressing a switch
put on
put something that sounds or pictures in order to hear o see the recording
put out
making a light stop shinning by pressing a switch
top up
put more drink into someone's glass or cup
put up
open something that is folded or rolled up so it is ready to use
put off
tell someone you can't see them or do something for them till a later time
put back
change the date or time of an event so it happens later than planned
put off
decide or arrange to do som. at a later time
put forward
make a watch show an earlier time
be put out
be anoyed, becouse of something somes had done or said to you
put up with
accept unpleasant behaviour or an unpleasant situation
put sb on to
tell them about som. or someone that could help them
put across
express in such a way that others can understand easily
put out
extinguish or stop something burning
put on
put a piece of clothing on your body
put up
stick or fasten a piece of paper to a wall
put down