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flared up
suddenly happened and became serious (used about sth negative like violence, anger or an argument)
go off
bring down
cause people in power to lose their position
break out
suddenly start, usually used about sth dangerous and unpleasant like war, fire or disease
noun: an important discovery or success that enables you to achieve or deal with sth
leak out
become public so that people who should not have known about sth learn of it
pull out
stop being involved
break off
end suddenly before they had been completed
shot up
increased very quickly
crack down
treat people more strictly in order to try to stop them doing things they should not to
step up
do more of sth, usually in order to improve a situation
noun: escape
noun: secret place where sb goes to be alone
look out for
carefully watch people or things around you so that you will notice a particular person or thing