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beat up sb
to hurst sb badly by hitting or kicking them again and again
break into sth
to get into a building or car by using force, usually in order to steal sth
break out
to escape from prison
walk off with sth
informal: to steal sth, or to take sth without the owner's permission
hold sth/sb up
steal money from a building, person or vehicle, by using violence or by threatening to use it
tip sb off
warn sb secretly about sth that will happen so that they can take action or prevent it from happening
put sb up to sth
encourage sb to do sth stupid or wrong
take sb in
deceive sb or make them believe sth that is not true
lead sb on
make sb believe sth that is not true, especially to make them do sth they don't really want to do
let sb off
do not punish sb who has commited a crime or done sth wrong , or do not punish sb severely
lean on sb
informal: try to make sb do sth by threatening or persuading them
are or get mixed up in sth
are or become involved in an illegal or bad activity