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leave out
not include som. or someone
cut out
remove by cutting, usually from paper or cloth
show out
lead a visitor who is leaving to the door of a room or building
see out
go with someone to the door of a room or building when they are leaving
let out
allow a person or animal to leave, usually by opening a locked or closed door
lock out
prevent someone from entering a building by locking the door
lock yourself out
accidentally prevent yourself from getting into a building by leaving the keys inside when you shut the door
store out
arrange things that were untidy
clear out
made tidy by removing unwanted things
worn out
used so much that they have become damaged
run out
that was none left because it had all been used
spread out
arranged on a flat surface
come out
available for people to buy
try out
test to find out if it works or decide wether you like it
help out
helping by doing work or giving money
lost out
did not have an advantage that others had