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He caught a cold.
Don't bother.
Fine, thanks.
I'm on my way.
Let me think about it.
It's not my fault.
It's all my fault.
You did a good job.
I bathe every night.
He is nearly forty.
This takes time.
I'm not really sure.
The telephone is ringing.
How should I know.
The cow cast her calf.
It is not a watch.
Open the door, please.
Thank you, sir.
You'll get used to it.
The beer has gone flat.
I'll be right with you.
Give her the book.
He sings treble.
Maybe next time.
He is in a conference.
Haven't seen you for ages.
Please say that again.
Everything will be OK.
He likes to exaggerate.
She is putting on her socks.
I have many compact discs.
times are hard
My pen is new.
He doesn't like fish.
It's nice meeting you.
This fits me perfectly.
Yes, certainly.
I sit by his side.
He is beside her.
Please give me the menu.
He's just gone on leave.
My phone was out of order.
You've made a good choice.
Six divided by two is three.
Just the man I was looking for.
I really have to be going.
He jumped onto the table.
A new difficulty has arisen.
Last night was a full moon.
His hat isn't on straight.
He also studies Chinese.
Better luck next time.
He's two years older than me.
This really suits me.
It's much more convenient.
I shave every morning.
School reopens next week.
I think you shouldn't.
I wish you a happy birthday.
You will have to wait and see.
You come over and have a try.
We set out at six.
He's holding her hand firmly.
I've worn holes in my socks.
Right now it is a quarter to five.
The cloth has already been packed in bales.
Better late than never.
I know that kind of feeling.
She has long slender legs
The crops need rain.
You are just saying that.
Tell your family I asked after them
This is a common matter.
Don't all speak at the same time.
Having it is really convenient.
I really feel like eating dumplings.
I'll come round tomorrow evening.
His face is flushed with fever.
I'm extremely grateful to you.
I met him in the street.
You should go and see a doctor.
This week he is very busy.
We drank some chicken soup.
He is a tall boy.
Five plus three equals eight.
My mathematics is not very good.
He is very much loved by everybody.
That film was a great draw.
He does well in physics.
My watch is five minutes slow.
It seems that it will rain.
I taught her to ride a bicycle.
I have no idea what to do.
That child will be six soon.
This is only a matter of time.
I think I did OK in the exam.
This child's body felt feverish.
She is an industrial designer.
We must start over.
We are confident of victory.