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它 it (note: pronounced the same as 他 = he, she)
们 Plural (Suffix for Persons)
它们 they
我们 we
你们 you (plural)
去 to go
wǒ qù
我去 I'm going
tā bú qù
他不去 he's not going
wǒmen qù ... ma
我们去吗 are we going? (lit. we going?) (MUST SAY SPECIFIC LOCATION AFTER "qù" to be understood)
nǐ qù ... ma
你去吗 are you going?(lit. you going?) (MUST SAY SPECIFIC LOCATION AFTER "qù" to be understood)
wǒ qù běijīng
我去北京 I'm going to Bejing
吧 particle - makes a phrase into a suggestion
wǒmen qù ba
我们去吧 let's go
想 to think, suppose, want (not definite)
wǒ xiǎng qù
我想去 I would like to go
wǒ xiǎng qù běijīng
我想去北京 I would like to go to Beijing
nǐ xiǎng qù ma
你想去吗 would you like to go?
要 to want, to need, to invite, to ask for, to claim
饭 rice
chī fàn
吃飯 to eat a meal (lit. to eat rice)
wǒ yào chī
我要吃 I need to eat
wǒ yào chī fàn
我要吃飯 I need to eat a meal
买 to buy
wǒ xiǎng mǎi
我想买 I would like to buy...
nǐ xiǎng mǎi shénme
你想买什么 what would you like to buy?
wǒmen chī fàn ba
我们吃飯吧 lets eat
喝 to drink
等 to wait
给 to give, to provide, to offer
多 many, more, much, excessive, redundant/unecessary
少 less, deficient
錢 / 钱 money
duōshǎo qián
多少錢 / 多少钱 how much money? (lit. [how] much less money)
Wǒ bù yòng le, xiè xiè
我不用 了, 谢谢 No Thank You. Literally: "I don't use, thank you"
雨 rain
傘 / 伞 umbrella
yǔ sǎn
雨傘 / 雨伞 rain umbrella (Many Asians Use Sun Umbrellas, so It Helps to Be Specific) XD