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Recall key words Monocots vs Dicots

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1 cotyledon
Monocot seeds
2 cotyledons
Dicot seeds
lanceolate, no petiole, surfaces identical
Monocot leaves
broad, often petiole, surfaces differ
Dicot leaves
Monocot venation
reticulate (branching)
Dicot venation
scattered, no cambium, usually no secondary growth
Monocot vascular bundles
in a ring, cambium, secondary growth
Dicot vascular bundles
at nodes
Monocot meristems
Dicot meristems
adventitiuous, from base, fibrous, many xylem groups
Monocot roots
tap root with branches, few xylem groups
Dicot roots
parts in 3s, identical petals and sepals, often wind pollinated
Monocot flowers
parts in 4s, 5s or multiples, petals and sepals differ, often insect pollinated
Dicot flowers