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Cultivar Terminology

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a group of genera which have a number of common features
a group of different species which share a range of characteristics
a group of organisms which are capable of interbreeding to produce fertile offspring
naturally occurring distinct variation in a wild population, usually caused by geographical isolation
varietas (variety)
naturally occurring minor variant within a species
forma (form)
naturally occurring minor variant within a species, often used to denote colour
a variety which has been artificially selected in cultivation for desirable features (size, flavour, colour) which can be maintained through propagation
cultivar group
Group of cultivars with many similarities
trade designation
Fancy names identifying cultivars protected by a plant breeder.
hybrids (interspecific)
Rare in nature; cultivation overcomes geographical isolation, either by growing species together or deliberately crossing
intergeneric hybrids
Rare; when successful, they are given a new hybrid genus name & regarded as a new species
graft hybrids
Uncommon; two species or two genera are grafted together