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Se distraía escrevendo seus poemas
He used to distract himself writing his poems
Eu viajei com meus amigos
I traveled with my friends
daqui a pouco uma pequena multidão cantava
in a short time a small crowd was singing
representava a gravura uma jibóia
the drawing was of (represented) a boa constrictor
falava-lhe de de golfe
I (used to) talked to him about golf
Me fazia milhares de perguntas
He (used to) asked me thousands of questions
Não era uma surpresa para mim.
It wasn't a surprise for me.
habitava um planeta pouco maior que ele
He inhabited a planet hardly bigger than him
quando via o teu pai, perguntava-lhe por ti
whenever I saw your father, I asked him about you
Ele comia, pondo rapidamente a comida na boca.
He ate, rapidly putting the food in his mouth
Poucos alunos vieram
few students came