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Why do countries trade?

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An expansion of world trade in goods and services leading to greater international interdependence
Multinational Company
A company that has operations all over the world
Race to the bottom
Governments reduce taxation, environmental legislation and labour laws to attract FDI
International trade
The exchange of goods and services across international boundaries
The World Trade Organisation (WTO)
An international body that has been set up to encourage free trade
Free trade
An absence of tariffs, quotas and regulations designed to reduce or prevent trade amongst nations
Goods and services which UK firms provide and sell to the rest of the world
Goods and serivces the UK buys from the rest of the world
Where an action is taken that reduces international trade
A tax placed on imports to increase the price and reduce the quantity demanded
A physical limit on the number of goods imported into a country
A ban on the import of a good or service
Absolute advantage
When a country is able to provide a good or service using fewer resources and at a lower cost than another country
Infant industry
An industry that is protected in order for it to develop
When a country undercuts other country's producers by selling below the cost of production