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Why do some less developed countries struggle and

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Absolute poverty
Defined as having less than $1.25 a day to live on
Relative poverty
In the UK, it is living on less than 60% of median income
The basic physical systems of a country (transport, sewage, water, etc.)
Life expectancy
The average age expectancy in a country
Literacy rates
How many of the population can read and write
Foreign Direct Investment
Investment in productive assets by a company from another country
Fair Trade
When producers from a developing country get a fair price for their good or service
Money or goods/services given by other countries or financial institutions
Money owed by countries often because of aid and grants given to them
Debt relief
When debts are written-off to help development
Non-government organisations (NGO)
Often charities that focus on particular problems
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
An international institution that promotes global monetary and exchange rate stability
The World Bank
An international institution that provides loans for developing country's infrastructure projects
Human capital
Investing in labour through education and training
The UK government's department for international development