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Set 2 - ¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá? (flashcards)

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Voy a
I'm going to
look for her
se cayo
he fell
del árbol
from/out of the tree
para abajo, para abajo, para abajo
down, down, down
hacia abajo
naar beneden, omlaag
to fly
to walk (a)
la pasó
he passed her
no la vio
he didn't see her
le preguntó a
he asked
no sabía
he didn't know
como era su mamá
what his mum was like
un gatito
a kitten
¿eres tu mi mamá?
are you my mother?
miraba y miraba
he looked and looked
se encontró con
he met
no era
(it) wasn't
no decía nada
(it) didn't say anything