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from, by
a, ab + abl
to, towards, at, about, near
ad + acc
against, up(hill)
adversus + acc
before, in front of
ante + acc
among, at the house of, according to, in the opinion of
apud + acc
around, about
circum + acc
around, about
circa + acc
contra + acc
cum + abl
about, from, down from
de + abl
from, out of; (in compounds) out
e, ex + abl
erga + acc
in, on
in + abl
into, onto, against, towards
in + acc
between, among
inter + acc
because of, on account of
ob + acc
through, throughout, along
per + acc
behind, after
post + acc
beyond, except, besides
praeter + acc
in front of, for, on behalf of, in return for
pro + abl
prope + acc
on account of, because of
propter + acc
sine + abl
under, beneath; up to
sub + abl or + acc
across, over
trans + acc
outside, beyond
extra + acc
infra + acc
inside, within
intra + acc