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you (plural)
vos, vestrum
someone, something, anyone, anything
aliquis, aliquid
I, me
ego, mei
hic, haec, hoc
the same
īdem, eadem, idem
that, he, she, it
ille, illa, illud
ipse, ipsa, ipsum
this, that, he, she, it
is, ea, id
we, us
nos, nostrum
noster, nostra, nostrum
who, which, that
qui, quae, quod
one, a certain, some
quidam, quaedam, quoddam
who? what? any
quis?, quid
anyone, anything
quisquam, quicquam
each, each one, every
quisque, quaeque, quidque
whoever, whatever
quisquis, quicquid
himself, herself, itself, themselves
se, sui
his (own), her (own), its (own), their (own)
suus, sua, suum
you (singular)
tu, tui
your (singular)
tuus, tua, tuum
which (of two)?
uter?, utra, utrum
each (of two), both
uterque, utraque, utrumque
your (pl)
vester, vestra, vestrum
some ... others
alii ... alii
other, one, another, else
alius, alia, aliud
the other, one (of two), another, a second
alter, altera, alterum