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so they say
ut dicunt
so it is said
ut dicitur
they were afraid that
timebant ne
on the same day
eodem die
at that time
eo tempore
he had spoken
locutus erat
you prefer to die
mavis mori
a certain man
vir quidam
to this man asking I replied
huic roganti respondi
having seen this
quo viso
he rejoiced so much that
adeo gavisus est ut
they were rejoicing so much that
adeo gaudebant ut
they set out
profecti sunt
rewards were accustomed to be given to the soldiers
praemia militibus dari solebant
having suffered much
multa passus
as quickly as possible
quam celerrime
I thought that I
putavi me
about to die
your battles
proelia vestra
having admired
they were praying him not to
eum precabantur ne
he begged them to
eos oravit ut
he advanced
progressus est
in this way
hoc modo
much bigger
multo maior
with a sad expression
vultu misero
with the greatest courage
summa virtute
many virtues
multae virtutes
in the same place
in eodem loco
they ordered me to
mihi imperaverunt ut
he ordered them to
eis imperavit ut
he begged them to
eos oravit ut