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si fuera
if I were
si tuviera
if I had
si hubiera
if there were
si hubiera tenido
if I had had
al estudiar
when studying/by studying
a la hora de estudiar
when studying
al haber estudiado
by having studied
el estudiar
me parece vergonzoso que
I find it shameful that
acabo de hacer
I have just done
acabar de
to have just
cada vez mas
gradually more
es imprescindible que
it is essential that
hemos de +inf
we have to
hay que
one/we have to
no basta con
it's not enough to
estoy a favor de
I am in favour of
opino que
in my opinion
de poder
if it were possible
lo que mas aprecio
what I most value is
lo unico que
the only thing that
por suerte
por desgracia
para que +subj
so that
cuando sea mayor
when I am older
ha de ser
it has to be
se deberia
we/one should
lo que pasa es que
the thing is that
I aim to
no comparto la idea de
I don't agree with
es dificil de
It's difficult to
es facil de
it's easy to
estoy de acuerdo con/que
I agree with/that
el proposito es
the aim is to
ojalá +subj
quizás +subj
sea lo que sea
whatever it is
digan lo que digan
no matter what they say
haga lo que haga
whatever I do
me conviene
it would be of benefit for me to
me molesta
it annoys me
me hace falta
I need to
cabe señalar que
it is worth pointing out that
antes de +inf
before +ing
antes de que +subj
before +ing
después de +inf
after +ing
después de que +subj
after +ing
más vale +inf
it's better to
lo positivo es que
the good thing is that
neither (not ni)
ni siquiera
not even
lo que importa es que
the important thing is that
es aconsejable +inf
it's advisable to
es aconsejable que +subj
it's advisable that
no vale la pena
it's not worth
tal vez
es una lastima que +subj
it's a shame that
no es cierrto que
it's not true that
a menos que +subj
siempre y cuando +subj
as long as
no estoy seguro/a de que + subj
I am not sure that
no estoy convencido/a de que +subj
I am not convinced that
volver a hacer
to do something again