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Unit 8 - Review - part 5

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to sell something at a cheaper price than another company or shop: 'Supermarkets can * small shops by as much as 50%.'
to take people's attention away from someone and make them listen to or look at you instead: 'Most supporting bands tend to be youngsters, and rarely * the star.'
severe, or showing disapproval: 'a look/warning/voice' OR if sth such as a job is *, it is difficult
a thick heavy cloth that has pictures or patterns woven into it. *s are often hung on walls.
plain or ordinary, but pleasant: 'The hotel was * and comfortable.'
extreme unhappiness caused by physical or mental suffering: 'His * AT the outcome of the court case was very clear.'
suffering or showing great emotional pain
plead with sb
to beg something of someone; to make an emotional appeal to someone: 'You can * * * as much as you want. I won't permit you to go'
present from birth
snail mail
(informal, humorous) letters that are sent by post. This expression is used mainly by people writing emails.