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Unit 9 - Review - part 2

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(formal) a wide range or collection of different things: 'There is a whole * of remedies and drugs available to the modern doctor.'
green plants or branches, especially when cut and used as decoration
a building with a roof and sides made of glass, used for growing plants that need warmth and protection
a large amount or number: 'Mr Savino has been charged with three murders as well as a whole * of other crimes.'
wrought iron
iron that can be bent into attractive shapes and used to make gates, furniture, etc.:' *(-) * gates'
an area that is next to a river, lake, or the sea
decorated with complicated patterns or shapes:'a room with an * ceiling and gold mirrors'
ornate (about language)
Language that is * contains too many complicated words or phrases:'a rather * prose style
to make a person or animal unable to move or stop looking at something because they are so interested, surprised, or frightened
always being careful to notice things, especially possible danger: