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X-Ray and Ultrasound

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No, because X-Rays are ionising
Are X-Rays safe to use on developing babies and why/why not?
bones and metal
What can X-Rays create clear images of?
Do CT Scans use more X-Ray radiation or less X-Ray radiation than standard X-Ray photographs?
Are Ultrasound waves ionising or non-ionising?
Are Ultrasound waves safe?
Are Ultrasound pictures clear or fuzzy?
Are CT Scan pictures clear or fuzzy?
Planning a complicated surgery
What can high quality 3D CT Scan images be used for?
CT Scan pictures have a high resolution and are clear
Why are CT Scan images good for diagnosing complicated images?
Broken bones
What can CT Scans diagnose?
Wear lead aprons
How can radiographers take precautions to minimise radiation doses?
pre-natal scanning
How can Ultrasound waves be used?
They are partially reflected when they meet a boundary between two different media
How are Ultrasound waves reflected?