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The Eye

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The lens is too converging so the light from distant objects comes to a focus in front of the retina.
What does it mean if you are short-sighted?
The refractive index of the material of which the lens is made of
How is the focal length determined?
The lens is not converging enough so the light from distant objects cannot be brought into focus in time
What does it mean if you are long-sighted?
How far is your far point that your eye can focus on?
A more converging lens
Is a more converging lens or a less converging lens needed for close objects?
Provides additional focusing
What does the lens in the eye do?
Converges light
What does the cornea do?
Carries electrical signals to the brain
What does the optic nerve do?
The highest concentration of light receptive cells
What is the Fovia?
Contracts at high light levels to protect the eye
What does the iris do?